We called our company Head First because we put ideas and thinking first.

We don’t sit around thinking of great ways to use Facebook (we don’t even sit around, the chairs here are rubbish).

We come up with ideas we think people will like and then we work out which channels to deploy them through. It might be through a TV ad or it might be using a mobile app, but the bottom line is, the idea comes first.

We’ve used this approach successfully since 1999 for companies including Capcom, THQ, Activision, 2K Games, Rockstar, Atari, Namco, Sega and the BBC.

And the icing on the cake is that we’re set up in a way that doesn’t involve account managers or any other administrative obstacles. It’s just you, us and a whole bunch of creative ideas that will leave you pleased as punch.

So when you want to talk to your audience and actually have them listen, give us a call. We’re ready.