Gamers of the world, UNITE!

I do wish we could all just agree on the ‘games’ part of the catch-all moniker: “The Games Industry”.

When I see, and I often do, headlines such as ‘…game sales drop by 20%’ or ‘Game sales up by….’ then I click through only to be disappointed to see the article is about ‘traditional’ game sales. And traditional always means boxed product.

It’s unfortunate that so many of us still think in this way.

A game is a game is a game and the people who make games are all game developers. Likewise… people who play games are all gamers. We’re all parts and players in this, frankly, wonderful industry.

Sitting on public transport looking around you’ll likely see people playing games. Sitting in a café you’ll likely see people playing games. Why aren’t these games counted as equal, why are they not welcomed as part of the ecosystem?

The same goes for the people playing the games. They’re not commonly considered ‘gamers’. Why?

I hope it’s not snobbery. Perhaps it’s fear.