The importance of each word

So, over on the Professional Copywriters Network, I’ve written a short article about why a single word in an ad can change everything.

Go have a read, if you’d like.

Here, however, I wanted to tell you why I wrote it.

When a copywriter writes, the words should feel good in the mouth and the mind.

When one word doesn’t. When it kicks against the copy-flow, well, that matters.

When I hand copy over to client I say this: hate it all you like but let me kill it.

That’s because I know how to put it down gently, painlessly.

It’s also because whilst the client will probably be right about why it doesn’t work, I’m probably the best person to fix it.

Each word matters.

Change one, take one away, and the whole things falls apart.

That’s why I think the word “but” in the Achica ads is a big deal. Every word matters. No matter how small.