Want to crack social media? Get a dog.

I want you to meet Captain, a little dog who lives near me. He’s a lovely, busy little thing and seeing him always brings a smile to my face.

I first heard about Captain seven months ago when my wife brought him up in conversation. She had bumped into the little dog and his owner and chatted. Presumably to Captain’s owner.

Each morning, I catch a bus to the train station. There is always at least one other person at the bus stop, a very lovely fellow who works at the post office.

He knows Captain, too.

In fact I think most people in the area know of Captain.

Not because he’s an affable, scamper of a dog but because he only has two legs.

Captain is fitted with a sort of two-wheeled cart on the back half of his body which helps keep him mobile. It doesn’t seem to hinder him at all. He can still be seen walking around, sniffing and showing curiosity with the world around him.

When my wife first mentioned Captain to me, she told me that the owner didn’t expect her little dog to live much longer. Probably be dead by Christmas, in fact.

Last Christmas.

Captain is still with us and I still see him. And when I see him, I always see other people. I’m willing to wager that not a single one of Captain’s walks are ever uninterrupted. Unlike me, who could circumnavigate the globe without once being stopped to chat, Captain and his owner are the talk of the town. Mention him (as I have) to anybody else and they show awareness. If a person doesn’t know his name then a quick mention of “y’know, the dog with the wheels” always delivers a response.

And a smile.

Now, if Captain had a Facebook page would you click ‘Like’? I think I would. It’s a nice story. A real story. An honest story. Not all brands have such a story to hand. But that doesn’t mean they can’t represent the stories they do have, in a similar manner.

Mostly, it’s a question of having content that will interest people which is important. You can have all the channels you like but content is what drives people to click ‘like’. There’s no need to have a gimmick.

Well, unless you have a two-legged dog.