1 way to start your career in advertising

I have a love / hate relationship with lists. Especially lists on blogs.

Like this.

I love the power they contain. A story or a poem can ratchet up tension just by creating a list. Image after image after image builds before. It’s a highly effective writing technique.

On the other hand, I am none too fond of things like “10 ways to improve your skills in X”. Articles such as those are generally devoid of the actual substance a person might need to, say, actually improve their skills. At all.

But the thing is, I was looking at a list of insights on being a writer and a friend pointed out that really it all amounted to “just write”. Which is completely true.

And I thought, well that’s no bad thing.

The whole list process was like a mantra. It didn’t tell you how to conjugate the verb ‘to go’ in Latin. It just gave you the confidence to write.

I mentor at a local Sixth Form College. The students I see all hope to become designers or creatives of some description and  work within the advertising industry. I also see graduates and count myself fortunate to be asked to comment on their books.

Which I do.

And the one thing I try to leave them with is the one way to start their career in advertising.

Just make ads.

Don’t wait to be asked.

Just make the ads you want to make and keep showing them.

Don’t wait for your first job or first placement.

Just make ads.