Frank West talks up a good game

As part of our campaign (which has pushed the page from 15,000 to almost 100,000), we got to create a whole load of fun stuff from images of the lead character killing zombies to videos of him.. well… killing zombies.

There’s more to come too but one item I wanted to share was Frank’s radio show. Mainly because it drew some pretty nice comments (although to be fair, one commenter thought he was an asshole). You can watch the show over HERE for part one and HERE for part two.

It’s sort of leading me to think about what interests folk through social media and also why we even want to interest them. Is interactivity important in social media or do people prefer passive experiences (such as viewing or listening), leaving social media as a mainly distributive mechanism? And how important are genuine conversations (I’d have thought that was probably the most important aspect of a campaign but mostly I tend to see broadcast campaigns). All that’s food for an article on another day, I think, because games are a very different beast when it comes to advertising.

For now, take a look at some of the nice comments:

Facebook comments