Frank West goes social

Those of you with an interest in video games and zombies may have heard of a man called Frank West. He’s the tough talking, hard hitting photographer (who’s covered wars, y’know) from Dead Rising – a game that set Capcom leading the (and this is going to sound strange if you have NO interest in video games) zombie killing, mayhem spreading, action genre.

The original game was great. It did well and a sequel was commissioned. Which also did well but which didn’t star Frank.

But that’s ok because now Capcom are back with a game which DOES star Mr West and it brings with it the whole smart mouthed attitude and ludicrous fun you’d expect.

Our campaign for the game is going great guns (and chainsaws and lazer powered helmets). Under the banner of “Journalism With Guts”, we have launched into Facebook, YouTube (and somewhere which will be announced soon) with a series of fun videos, copy, images and activities.

In just two weeks, our approach has boosted the Facebook page to over 45,000 users (that’s from a base of under 15,000). Our initial video (over on YouTube) has had 21,000 views so why not treat yourself to a look at that before heading over to Facebook and seeing what we are up to there?