Zombie zombie – Dead Rising 2 Dynamic Theme

[flv: 597 323]

Whilst I mostly blog about the approaches we take here at Head First, how we go about creating campaigns or designing product communication, every now and again I like to share some of the work we do. It gives our competitors a glimpse at brilliance and prospective clients an understanding of the sheer range we have on tap here.

The long road to release for Dead Rising 2, your everyday game about the wholesale slaughter of thousands of rotting zombies, has been paved with almost every kind of skill. From advertising and pack design to exhibition work and 3D animation, we’ve really run the marathon on this. Over the next month or so I will be showing some of that work and today I’ll start with the Dead Rising 2 dynamic theme.

Dynamic Themes are one of the cooler, most underused features of the PlayStation 3. I could spin you a half hour presentation about how they could benefit non-games companies (far more, in truth, than they can benefit games companies) but suffice to say that they are cool.

In essence they are animated desktops, adding life to the main menu screen of the console and used, like any good wallpaper, to personalise it.

For Dead Rising 2 we were asked to create a theme in keeping with the Vegas stylings found in the game. The slot machine design we originated made  a pretty good impression with its spinning wheels and weapons of mad destruction. Technically that meant dealing with Sony as well as making sure the code and 3D designs meshed perfectly.

It’s just the start of where we want to go with Dynamic Themes but it’s an exciting start which pushes advertising and brand messaging into a whole new cake.