Bringing Dead Rising 2 to life

In addition the packaging, dynamic theme, POS and online campaigns created for the Dead Rising 2 project, the folk at Head First were pretty stoked to work on bringing protagonist Chuck’s bike to life. For real.

To do this, Head First brought in bike refitting experts Purissima Corse who would provide all the know-how and elbow grease needed for the job. Purissima Corse (a local Manchester team) surpassed all expectations throughout the project, delivering a bike that was authentic down to the last detail.

From acquiring the base bike to stripping it down to the nuts, the new bike had to be authentic as well as encompassing a massive twin chainsaw rig suitable for the daily commute.

Here are a couple of grabs of the process just to show the level of detail that went into it.

Stripping it all back and repainting every part.

Every part had to be repainted and customised.

Working from pixels to pistons.

The final bike – the duct tape works.